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Editors, Viewers and Guests

Last updated on 02 Dec 2021
1 min read

There are three types of members that can collaborate together in your Workspace: Viewers, Editors and Guests. You can give different members different roles depending on what they need to do in your Workspace.


Viewers can access your Workspace from any browser and on any device. This role is great for project managers, stakeholders and anyone in your Workspace that doesn’t need to edit documents. While they don’t have access to the Mac app, Viewers can:

  • View documents in your Workspace
  • Browse through starred versions
  • Share their feedback with comments
  • Inspect designs
  • Download assets

Note: You can add unlimited Viewers to your Workspace for free


Editors can do everything Viewers do, plus they have access to the Mac app. This role is great for designers and anyone else that needs access to the Mac app to make changes in design files. Editors can:

  • Edit documents on the Mac app
  • Create and collaborate on documents, prototypes and Libraries
  • Star versions so that they are visible to Viewers
  • Manage Libraries
  • Share documents with other people inside and outside of the Workspace

Although Editors can always view all the documents in a Workspace, they can limit editing permissions for individual documents. This feature allows Editors to disable editing rights for other Editors so that they’ll only be able to view specific documents.

Admins can manage Workspace members’ settings, add or remove Editor seats, or schedule empty Editor seats at any point.


Workspace Guests can only see documents that you invite them to. The Guest role is ideal when you need to collaborate with people outside your organization, or people you’re working with that don’t need full access to every document in your Workspace. Some frequent examples of Guests include:

  • Freelancers
  • Clients

You can also decide which document versions Guests see with starred versions, limit their permissions and, just like with Viewers, you can invite as many as you want for free.

Learn more about inviting Guests and accessing documents as a Guest.