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Last updated on 07 May 2024
1 min read

With Sketch’s prototyping tools, you can bring your designs to life using a range of simple to advanced interactions. With features like Overlays, hover, press and toggle triggers, and scrolling areas, you can accurately show how your designs would work in the real world — and on any device.

If you’re just getting started on prototyping, take a look at our hands-on tutorial document that you can view in your browser and freely edit in the Mac app.

An overview of prototyping tools

With prototyping in Sketch you can:

  • Create links or hotspots to navigate between different Artboards or trigger Overlays.
  • Show overlays (e.g. menus, dropdowns or dialogs) that appear when you click, press or hover over another layer.
  • Create scroll areas inside Artboards to scroll through content vertically, horziontally or in multiple directions.
  • Set custom layer visibility options that change how and when layers appear in a prototype.
  • Pin fixed elements to a scrolling prototype (e.g. menu bars, toolbars, or footers).
  • Use Artboard templates to create Scrolling Artboards and maintain scroll position between Artboards, too.
  • Set multiple Start Points to choose where a prototype will start playing from.
  • Preview prototypes in the Mac app, via the web app, or using our iOS app.

These guides cover prototyping upgrades from version 90 onwards, which includes the Prototyping tab in the Inspector and Overlays.