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Adding Hotspots

Hotspots Insert Hotspot give you more control than Links and are useful if you want to create a clickable area that’s larger than a single Layer.

To add a Hotspot Insert Hotspot, choose Insert > Hotspot Insert Hotspot (or press I), then click and drag to draw your Hotspot area. After that, click the Artboard you want your Hotspot to link to.

You can edit your Hotspot’s animation and target Artboard, in the Inspector, just like you can with Links.

Select any Link and click the “Create Hotspot” icon Add Link to Artboard tool in the Inspector to turn it into a Hotspot.

How to fix the Position of a Hotspot

Select your Hotspot and then choose the Fix position when scrolling checkbox in the Inspector to fix its position on the canvas even as the rest of your Layers scroll.

An image showing the control to fix a prototyping hotspots position while scrolling

How to use Hotspots with Symbols

If you include a Hotspot as part of a Symbol, you can reuse that same Symbol but individually override its Hotspot’s target. You can also override the Hotspot’s target to “None” if you don’t want it to link to another Artboard.

  • To hide or show Hotspots head to View > Show Hotspots or press H.
  • To show all Links and Hotspots choose View > Prototype > Show all or press F. You can also choose to just show those Hotspots related to your selected layers by heading to View > Prototype > Show with selection .
  • To only see Links and Hotspots when you’ve selected a specific Artboard, layer or group they’re related to, choose View > Prototype > Show with selection or press F.You can also change their color under the Canvas section in Preferences.
Last updated on 24 May 2022

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