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Previewing and sharing prototypes

There are three ways to preview prototypes — in the Mac app, on your iOS device using Mirror, or in the web app.

How to preview a prototype

Previewing a prototype in the Mac app

To start a preview in the Mac app, click the Preview Preview button in the toolbar. If you’ve set a Start Point, your prototype will start from there. If not, it’ll start from the currently selected Artboard.

An annotated image showing the options available when playing back prototypes in the Mac app
  1. Click anywhere within the Preview window to see tap targets that show you where Links and Hotspots are on the current Artboard.
  2. The back button will take you back a step to the previous Artboard in your prototype.
  3. The Artboards drop-down menu gives you a quick way to jump between different Artboards.
  4. The flag icon (Start Point) sets the Artboard you’re currently viewing as a Start Point.
  5. The share icon allows you to copy a link to your prototype that you can share with others.

Previewing a prototype in the web app

When you open a document in the web app, you’ll see any prototypes it contains in a section at the top of the document overview. Click on a prototype’s thumbnail to open and preview it in your browser.

Note: Make sure you you set a Start Point in your prototype, otherwise it won’t appear in the web app.

Like the Preview window in the Mac app, clicking anywhere on the screen will highlight any Hotspots or Links. To go back a step to the previous Artboard, click the back button in your browser.

If you’ve enabled comments on your document, anyone viewing your prototype can choose View Artboard at the bottom of the window to leave the prototype and enter a static view of that Artboard. From there, they can leave comments in the sidebar. To close the prototype and return to the document overview, choose Close.

How to Preview a prototype in Mirror

Launch the Sketch Mirror app on your iOS device and connect via USB or Wi-Fi, then click the notifications bell Notification.

How to share a prototype

To share a prototype, first you’ll need to set the link’s permissions to View in the document’s Settings.

Sharing a prototype in the Mac app

In the prototype’s Preview window, tap on Export in the top-right corner of the window. From there, you can copy a link to the prototype to your clipboard or choose any other option in the menu.

Note: You can only share prototypes that belong to documents inside your Workspace.

Sharing a prototype in the web app

To share a prototype with other people, you just need to share a link to the prototype with them. To copy a prototype’s link you can either copy it directly from your browser (with the prototype’s Preview open) or hover over the prototype’s thumbnail in the document overview, and click Dots Cloud. From there, you can either choose between:

  • Sharing prototypes with Hotspots: we’ll highlight any Hotspots or Links in the prototype. These act as hints to help people know where they should click.
  • Sharing prototypes without Hotspots: we won’t show any Hotspots or Links when previewing the prototype.

In Mirror, tap on an Artboard to start previewing your prototype. From there, you can tap on Links and Hotspots to navigate your prototype, or swipe down on an Artboard to close it.

Last updated on 10 Aug 2021

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