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Adding Links

The quickest way to create a prototype is to add a Link between two Artboards Add Link to Artboard tool. You can add Links from any layer to any Artboard.

To add a Link, choose Create next to INTERACTION in the Inspector (or press W), then click on an Artboard you’d like to link your layer to.

You can choose to link to a previous Artboard or to any other Artboard in your document when you add a Link — the latter option is especially useful for complex documents. Both of these options are available when you select multiple Artboards, so you can link multiple Artboards at the same time.

Note: The option to select multiple Artboards and add links to all simultaneously is only available in version 87 of the Mac app and above.

When you add your first link, we’ll assign that Artboard as a start point for your prototype, so you can play it in the web app.

Automatically linking Artboards

You can use Prototype > Auto Link to Right/Left/Below to create a link from the Artboard you have selected to the one immediately to the right, left or below. You’ll also find this option when you drag a link you create to the Go to Artboard icon at the top-right of your Artboard. The menu option you see is based on the current Artboard Export setting in Preferences > Layers. If you change this setting it will also change the direction of any existing auto links.

Once the link is created, it will update automatically if you switch the order of your Artboards.

In the Inspector, you can choose how a Link’s transition will look using the Animation buttons and change which Artboard a Link takes you to using the Target drop-down menu.

Select “Previous Artboard” in the Target drop-down menu, to tell the Mac app to return to whichever Artboard you were previewing before the current one. This is helpful when you have lots of Links leading to a single Artboard.

Choose Prototype > Remove Links from Selection, set your Link’s target to “None” or click the trash icon Trash icon prototyping in the INTERACTION section of the Inspector to remove a Link.

If you include a Link as part of a Symbol, you can reuse that same Symbol but individually override its Link’s target. You can also override the Link’s target to “None” if you don’t want it to link to another Artboard.

Last updated on 20 Jun 2022

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