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Customizing layer visibility (beta)

Last updated on 05 Mar 2023
1 min read

With custom layer visibility in prototypes you can recreate common real-world interactions, such as hover and pressed styles on buttons.

Custom layer visibility in prototypes is currently in beta.

When you select a layer and switch to the Prototype tab in the Inspector, you can control whether it is visible or hidden, and whether an interaction changes this, using the controls in the Layer Visibility section.

If the layer’s visibility is set to Default, it will follow its visibility settings from the Layer List when you play your prototype. To override this, select Custom. When you select Custom to assign a custom visibility behavior, you can then choose a Trigger (what happens to change the layer’s visibility) and an Action (how the layer’s visibility changes).

For custom layer visibility triggers, you can choose between Hover and Press. With Hover, the layer visibility will change the cursor is within its bounds. With Press, the layer visibility will change when you press on the layer with your cursor or finger (if you’re playing a prototype on the iOS app).

The Action menu controls what the layer’s visibility will be after the trigger — Show Layer, Hide Layer — or Toggle. The Toggle options will change layer’s visibility every time you click on it in the prototype.

How to set custom prototype visibility on a layer