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Managing your account

Last updated on 28 Feb 2023
3 min read

How to manage sessions

In the Sessions section of your Settings, we’ll show you detailed information for each sign in, including the time, location and device used, so you can easily review and manage them.

To manage your sessions, select Account in your account menu at the bottom left of the sidebar. You’ll find a chronological list of all your sessions in the General tab, right below the Workspaces section.

  • To sign out of all sessions at once, click on Sign Out of All. If you choose to sign out of all sessions, we’ll also sign you out of your current one.
  • To close an individual session, click on the Sign Out button next to it.
An image how to sign out sessions

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

What is 2FA?

Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA or MFA (multi-factor authentication) adds an extra layer of security to your Sketch Account by requesting a code from a 2FA application when you sign in to Sketch. When you sign in, we’ll ask you to enter your email and password. You’ll then need to open your preferred 2FA app and enter a code into Sketch to complete the sign-in process.

An image showing the 2FA verification code window when signing in to the Mac app.

How to set up 2FA in your Sketch account

Step 1: Head to your Account page

Head to your Sketch Account and click on Enable 2FA….

An image showing the two factor section in your Sketch Account

Step 2: Choose an authenticator app

We’ll then ask you to download an authenticator app on your phone in case you don’t have one already. You can pick one from the options we suggest or use the one you prefer. Here’s how to get yourself set up in the following apps:

An image showing the authenticating app options

Once you are all set in your autenticator app, get your phone ready and click Scan QR code. Open your authenticator app, tap Scan a QR code and scan the code with your camera. Alternatively, you can manually type in the code in your app by clicking Or type in the code link under the QR.

An image showing the QR code to link your Sketch account to the authenticator app

s´ Then, click on Enter Verification Code. Open your authenticator app and enter the code before it expires — no worries, you can always wait for a new one to appear.

Note: 2FA is tied to your Sketch account, not to your Workspace. This means that if you’re part of multiple Workspaces, we’ll enable 2FA for you in all of them. In the case of Workspaces with SSO enabled, your IdP will handle the authentication.

An image showing how to insert the code you receive in Sketch

Step 4: Save your recovery codes

Once you’ve entered the code, we’ll show you your recovery codes — make sure you keep them somewhere safe. These recovery codes allow you to sign in to Sketch if you lose access to your authenticator app. Instead of typing the code you’d normally get from your authenticator app when signing in, you’ll have to pick one of the recovery codes.

Note: Once you use a recovery code, it’ll automatically expire and you’ll no longer be able to use it to sign in.

An image showing how your recovery codes

You can print your recovery codes, save them as a PDF, or copy them to your clipboard and paste them where you usually save important information.

If you lose your recovery codes, you can generate new ones. Head to your Account page and click on Generate New under the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) section. However, once you generate new codes the old ones will stop working.

An image showing how to generate new recovery codes

How to disable 2FA

Head to the Two-Factor Authentication section in your Account page and click Disable 2FA…. Type your password to confirm this action and click Disable 2FA. You can enable 2FA again whenever you want.

An image showing where to disable 2FA in your Sketch account