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Set up and troubleshoot Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Last updated on 23 Aug 2023
1 min read

Add an extra layer of security to your Sketch account with Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

To set up 2FA for your Sketch account, please follow these steps in our documentation.

If you’re having any issues with your 2FA, please refer to the Troubleshooting sections below.

I lost my phone and I have 2FA enabled, how can I access Sketch?

Don’t worry, you can use your recovery codes in this case. Sign in with your email and password and use one of the recovery codes as your second factor. You can generate new recovery codes after using one or more, making it easy to keep your account safe.

I lost my phone and my recovery codes, how can I sign in?

No worries! Get in touch with our Customer Support team for help. Our Customer Support team will disable 2FA for you. To enable it again, log in with your email and password and follow the instructions on enabling 2FA.

I’m using an older version than 82, can I still use 2FA?

Yes! You can still enable 2FA even if you are working on a version that is earlier than 82. However, we won‘t show you the verification code window when you log in. Instead, you‘ll need to concatenate the 2FA code to your password.

For example, let‘s imagine your Sketch Account password is graphic-design-is-my-passion and your verification code is 123456. When you add your details your password should look something like this: graphic-design-is-my-passion123456.

I can’t find my 2FA recovery codes (but I’m logged in)

You can always generate new recovery codes in your Sketch Account page. We’ll automatically deactivate your old recovery codes.