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New in the Mac app: Improved Symbol overrides and a better way to resize layers

With our latest Mac release, we‘ve given Symbol overrides a major revamp. It’s now faster and easier to override any Text Style, color or image in an instance — or multiple instances at once. We’ve also improved the way overrides work with text layers. So now, you can override font properties like weight, alignment, color and more, all without having to create new Text Styles for every variation.

Plus, you can now dive down into your Symbol instances right on the Canvas by double-clicking. Paired with our new updates to Symbol overrides in the Inspector, we hope this powerful new toolset really supercharges your Symbols workflow.

This update also brings improvements to the resizing experience. You can now resize an object on the Canvas by dragging anywhere on its edge — no need to specifically select the handles. And when you’re resizing small objects or lines that are less than 2pts, the selection box is now bigger, which should make your workflow super smooth.