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What’s new

New in Sketch: A better way to view Components in the web app, faster font embedding and more

It’s now easier than ever to work with Libraries, view your work exactly as you intended it, and organize your projects

Once you save a Workspace document in the latest version of the Mac app, anyone opening the document in Sketch 81.1 or earlier will only be able to save the file locally. Any changes they make will not update the document in your Workspace, and if you want to collaborate with them in real-time they’ll also need to update to 82.

It’s time to update! With today’s release, we’ve added a powerful new way to view all your Symbols, Color Variables, Layer Styles and Text Styles in the web app — and it’s called Components web view. You can now easily jump between different Component types, then use the menu on the left-hand side to select different groups.

For example, in the Symbols tab, you can view all your Symbols, or dive down to view just the buttons in your document. Plus, with search, it’s simple to find the Component you need fast. Making it easier than ever to browse, search and understand all the parts in your documents and Libraries.

Components web view lets you easily browse, search and inspect all your Components, right in the web app. Working with Libraries just got easier.

This change is live for all users in the web app right now. Go check it out!

Faster font embedding

With this update we’ve also made it easier than ever to embed fonts from the Mac app. With just one click in the Save to Workspace dialogue box, you can now choose which fonts to embed in your Workspace documents. So you know everyone is seeing your document correctly, every time.

If you choose to embed a font in a Workspace document, we’ll remember that decision for next time. And when you add new fonts to an existing document, we’ll prompt you to embed them when you save or close the document.

You can quickly choose to embed all the fonts, or select individual fonts in the list. Best of all, we’ll remember your choice for next time.

We respect and value the work of font creators in the design community. So, before you embed any font, you must make sure you own the correct license, including the rights to distribute it. Please be aware that some font vendors do not allow users to transfer, display or distribute their fonts — and our terms of service prohibit embedding fonts without the correct license.

If you find that someone has embedded your font into a document in your Workspace without the proper rights, please contact us and we’ll remove it from our systems.

Improved Trash in the Mac app and more…

Elsewhere, we’re making it easier to delete Workspace documents — without needing to open the web app. You can now send Workspace documents you no longer need to the Trash right from the Mac app’s Workspace window. And if you move a project to the Trash, it’ll now move all the documents within that project to the Trash, too. Of course, if you change your mind, you’ll still have 90 days to recover your document before we delete it permanently.

Finally — and as always — we’ve squashed some pesky bugs and improved performance based on your feedback.

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