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An illustration showing two interlinked hearts in the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag
Inside Sketch

We stand with Ukraine

Starting today, we’re stopping all sales in Russia

We’re deeply saddened by the ongoing attacks on the people and the sovereignty of Ukraine. As a company, and as people, it’s our moral responsibility to support humanitarian efforts and help where we can. Last week, we donated $10,000 to the Red Cross in Ukraine. Now we must do more.

We stand with the people of Ukraine. As a result, we’re stopping all sales in Russia, starting today. This includes Sketch subscription renewals (annual and monthly), Mac-only license renewals and any add-on purchases or purchases from new customers. We’re working closely with our payment suppliers to make this happen.

We know there are millions of Russian people also suffering as a result of this conflict. We want you to know that this isn’t a decision we’re making lightly. It’s become a necessary one to ensure that our products aren’t being used to contribute to the humanitarian crisis.

A lot of us here at Sketch are based in Europe, and many of us know people personally affected by the conflict. We’re encouraging our team to take any time they need to process what’s happening, and supporting them while they do.

To the people of Ukraine and those around the world who call for the end of this war; we are with you.

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