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The ultimate design toolkit

Do your best work with a powerful, native macOS app, do even more with plugins and extensions, then collaborate with cloud-based tools that take your designs further.

Start with the basics

Whether you’re creating pixel-perfect icons or coming up with concepts for a whole new product, we’ve refined the fundamental tools you need and laid the foundations for amazing work.

Vector editing

With a set of vector editing tools that are as intuitive as they are powerful, we’ve made getting started on your next project effortless — whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro.

Boolean operations

When you work with boolean operations that are non-destructive, editable and easy to combine, iterating on your work is effortless, at any stage of the design process.

Pixel-level precision

Details matter, so we’ve made it easy to zoom in to pixel level, align things perfectly with Snapping and Smart Guides, and adjust your layers until they’re just right.

Easy Exports

Export individual assets exactly the way you want them with extensive export options. Drag an export preview straight out of the app to quickly share it, or set up export presets to speed things up.

Work with design-focused features

We’ve built every feature in the Mac app to make it easier for you to do your best work, at every stage of your process. Here are just a few of them.

Grids and layout

Keep things neat and tidy with quick shortcuts to toggle grids and layout views, along with a full set of options to customize everything from column widths to colors.

Resizing constraints

Set resizing rules and pin different elements of your designs, making it easier to scale things up and down for different screen sizes without starting from scratch each time.

Math operators

Save time with shorthand and math operators. Need to double the width of a layer and have it resize from the center? Simply add “*2c” to its width attribute, hit enter and watch it happen.

Variable and OpenType fonts

Get infinite control over typography in your designs with Variable fonts support, and unlock alternate characters, ligatures and more with full support for OpenType features.

Scale your projects

From shared Libraries of reusable components that keep designs consistent, to powerful features that make working at scale effortless, your product’s design system starts here.

Reusable components

With Symbols, you can create a component once and reuse it anywhere. Make an update in one place and see it instantly reflected across your whole design.

Smart Layout

Give your Symbols superpowers and watch them automatically resize to fit their content, all while respecting their proportions and padding.

Watch our Smart Layout guide

Color Variables and Styles


Keep things consistent by defining Color Variables, Text and Layer Styles. Use, reuse and update them across your designs — and even share them with others.

Get to know Color Variables

Shared Libraries

Create Libraries of your Symbols, Text Styles and Layer Styles that you can share with collaborators, then keep everyone in sync with updates as your work evolves.

Components View (Beta)


Preview, manage and edit all of your document’s Components — in one place — with beautiful big previews, drag-and-drop organization, and context-aware controls.

Say hello to the Components View

Insert Window


We’ve made finding and inserting Components fast and unobtrusive. Open the Insert Window with one key, type to search and drag a Component onto the Canvas in seconds.

Introducing the Insert Window

Prototype, test, and collaborate

We’ve made the process of getting feedback and testing out your ideas painless. And, when you’re ready, handing them off for development can happen in just a few clicks.


Quickly link different parts of your design and create prototypes to test out your ideas. Share them in the browser with a link or try them out on your device.

Mirror (iOS)

Check out your work on a real iOS device without writing a line of code with the Mirror app. See the changes your make right in situ so you can work faster and with better visibility.

Cloud sharing

View your designs in the browser, from anywhere. Keep them private, save them to a workspace your whole Team can access, or share them with a link to get feedback.

Developer Handoff

When you’re ready to ship, share your design with a developer with a single link. They’ll be able to check it out in the browser, inspect elements and even export assets — all for free.

Native to macOS

Sketch on the Mac is a fully native experience. There’s no compromise here. With a UI that’ll feel instantly familiar if you’ve used any native macOS app, you can take full advantage of things like:
  • Native dark and light UIs
  • Full support for retina and non-retina displays
  • Touch bar support
  • Native macOS versioning (for non-Cloud documents)
  • Customizable shortcuts

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Silvia Bormüller
Peter Nowell

“Sketch is the perfect tool for Design Systems. Its Libraries features make it possible for large teams to efficiently create consistent products and I love to empower the teams I train.”

Silvia Bormüller

Freelance Designer & Trainer

“Sketch has this astonishing ability to be welcoming to beginners, yet unrestrained for advanced users. As someone who trains many design teams, this makes Sketch a clear choice as the industry-standard tool for digital design.”

Peter Nowell

Creator, Sketch Master