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Built for collaboration

Put design at the heart of your business, with all the tools you need to create and collaborate on incredible products — in a single subscription.

Bring your whole team together

For Designers

With instant access to the Mac App and regular updates all included, designers can focus on their work and forget about license keys. With a shared cloud workspace, they can share ideas instantly, stay in sync with Cloud Libraries, check out the progress of other projects and leave feedback right next to any design, all in one place.

For Developers

When it’s time to turn pixels into code, developers can inspect designs and download production-ready assets from any web browser, on any computer. Now there’s no need to own a Mac or manage multiple plugins for developer handoff. Better still, developer access is free.

For Stakeholders

Faster, friendlier feedback loops make life easier, so we’ve made things simple. Add a Viewer to your team so they can see everything you share, or invite people to individual documents. It’s up to you. Stakeholders can check out designs in their web browser, test prototypes and leave feedback for free.

For Managers

Taking care of your team has never been easier. Whether you're looking for your latest invoice or need to give someone in your team Mac app access, you can do it all in a matter of clicks, right from your own online dashboard.

Building the best space for collaboration

We’re always working hard to bring new features to Sketch. Here’s what’s on the roadmap for Teams:

  • Shared Cloud Libraries, for a single source of truth
  • Prototype previews for user testing and research
  • Easy organization with projects
  • Free developer handoff, right inside the browser
  • Two-factor authentication and SSO
  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Artboard-level annotations and comments
  • Advanced sharing options
  • Integrations with the Cloud API

Pricing that’s ready to scale

Your Teams subscription cost is based only on the number of seats for people in your team that use the Mac app to design and edit files (we call them Contributors). Everyone else is free.



per Contributor seat

$9 USD charged monthly
+ sales tax

Yearly1 month free


per Contributor seat

$99 USD charged yearly
+ sales tax

Contributor or Viewer?
Here’s what everyone can do.

Viewers Contributors
Edit designs (with the Mac app)
Inspect designs
Download assets
Comment on designs
Browse projects, documents, and versions

Join over 10,000 teams collaborating with Sketch

Matt Jankowski
Luca Rager

“Libraries and Smart Layout have changed the way our design team works by driving cohesion across our product suite while providing the flexibility needed to solve our customers' most pressing challenges.”

Matt Jankowski

Senior Designer, Visual — Morningstar, Inc.

“Sketch’s Libraries, compatibility with industry tools, and community of plugins let our team build and scale a design system across multiple brands and platforms — which gives our users a better, more cohesive experience.”

Luca Rager

Senior Software Engineer & Designer — Xbox Research & Design

Common Questions

  • How much does a Teams subscription cost?

    A teams subscription costs $99 (billed annually) or $9 (billed monthly) per Contributor seat. Contributors are members of your team who need access to use the Mac app to create and edit Sketch documents. These prices don’t include sales tax, which may still apply. Head over to our pricing page to get full details on how pricing for a teams subscription works. Note: We’ll always charge for one Contributor seat so long as your team is active, even if no-one in your team uses the role.

  • Do I still need to purchase licenses for the Mac app?

    Every Contributor in your team gets access to the Mac app, along with regular updates, as part of your Teams subscription. In other words, you do not need to buy both a Teams subscription and a license in order to use the Mac app. Better still, because Contributors can sign in to the Mac app with their Sketch Account details, you won’t need to keep track of license keys, either.

  • What are the differences between Contributors and Viewers?

    Contributors can use the Mac app and share their designs on your team’s Cloud workspace. Viewers don’t have access to the Mac app, but can view, inspect and comment on designs in the browser. You can add unlimited Viewers to your team for free. Your bill is based on the number of Contributor seats you have and you can change this at any time. Each Contributor seat costs $99 (billed annually) or $9 (billed monthly). Note: We’ll always charge for one Contributor so long as your team is active, even if no-one in your team uses the role.

  • How long does the free Teams subscription trial last?

    When you sign up for a Teams subscription, you’ll automatically get a free, 30-day trial with no credit card required. When that 30-day trial ends, we’ll ask you to add your payment details to charge your next billing period. If you cancel your Teams subscription at any time during your trial we won’t charge you at all.

  • Will Sketch for Teams replace volume licensing?

    We know that for some organizations, our legacy volume licenses are still a better fit for their needs. We have no immediate plans to phase our volume licenses in favor of teams, but we’ll contact all volume license holders if this changes in the future.

  • Can I exchange my existing Sketch license for Teams credit?

    You can redeem any existing Mac app licenses you have for credit against your Teams bill. You’ll get $9 of credit per seat/device, multiplied by the number of months left on your license. Teams subscriptions include Mac app access and regular updates for every contributors, so there’s no need to pay for licenses as well.