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Your complete guide to commenting in Sketch

Learn how to share feedback on the Canvas and strike up a conversation, right where it matters

With commenting, sharing feedback and discussing details of your design has never been easier. You can pin a comment anywhere on the Canvas and strike up a conversation, right in the context of your work — in both the Mac app and web app.

Read on to find out more about commenting, and how to make the most of them in your documents.

How to add comments to your documents

Whether you’re in the Mac app or web app, it’s easy to add comments to your documents. Just press N or click the New Comment button in the toolbar, then click on the Canvas where you want your comment to appear. Once you’ve added a comment, you can edit your original message, or add a new reply with more detail.

When you want to strike up a discussion with others, you can use @ mentions to notify other members of your Workspace and tag them into the conversation. And of course, you can use emoji and basic Markdown to help get your message across.

You can add a comment anywhere on the Canvas, then tag people to get their attention.

On-Canvas comments replace Artboard-level comments, and any existing Artboard-level comments you have in your documents will appear as a comment in the top-left corner of the Artboard they relate to.

If you add a comment to an Artboard, it’ll stay attached to that Artboard — even if you or someone else moves that Artboard in the Mac app. Of course, you can move any comment to another point on the Canvas whenever you want.

Viewing comments

Comments that you haven’t viewed yet — or ones that include unread replies — will appear as orange pins on the Canvas. When you’ve viewed a comment or its replies, the pin will turn grey.

Want to see all the comments on a specific page? In the web app, you’ll find them in the Comments tab in the sidebar. Clicking on any comment in the list will jump you right to the comment on the Canvas, so you can instantly see it in context.

You can see all the comments on your current page on the Canvas or in the sidebar on the right of the web app. Click one to jump right to it.

You can see all the comments on your current page on the Canvas or in the sidebar on the right of the web app. Click one to jump right to it.

You can delete a comment by opening it, clicking the button and choosing Delete. You can also resolve comments — more on that below!

And while comments on the Canvas can be super handy for discussing feedback in context, it can also get a little overwhelming you need to focus on the design itself. Luckily, it’s easy to hide every comment via View > Comments > Hide Comments (CtrlN) in the Mac app or … > Hide Comments (ShiftN) in the web app.

Resolving comments

Ready to wrap up a conversation? You can resolve comments by clicking on the checkmark button on the top right of a comment’s popover. You can also right-click on the comment itself and choose Resolve.

A video showing resolving a comment in Sketch

Resolved comments no longer appear on the Canvas by default, making it easier to spot discussions or feedback that are still ongoing. You can always go back and review any conversations you’ve resolved by choosing View > Comments > Include Resolved (N) in the Mac app, or filtering by Resolved in the Comments tab of the web app.

You can also re-open a resolved comment to restart the conversation by clicking on that same checkmark button you used to resolve it in the first place.

Want to link someone to a specific comment in your document? Simply click the  button in the comment and choose Copy Link. Sharing feedback via other platforms like Slack or Notion just got a whole lot easier.

When someone visits the link, they’ll be taken right to that comment in context, whether it’s on an Artboard or just somewhere on the Canvas.

This — and everything else we talk about in this post — is all possible thanks to the Canvas view in the web app, which allows you to preview your entire Canvas exactly as you see it on the Mac app. As well as panning and zooming to see all your design elements, you can now also add and view comments right on that Canvas.

Comment notifications

When you create a comment, or contribute to the conversation in a thread, you’ll automatically follow it and receive notifications for any new replies in the web app. If you want to keep your notifications more manageable, simply unfollow an individual comment — or the entire document. If you haven’t commented on a document but want to get notifications about new comments, you can do that too.

To turn notifications for the entire document on or off, hit the bell icon at the top of the Comment tab of the web app’s sidebar. You can also follow or unfollow a specific conversation by opening the relevant comment and clicking the button then choose Follow to start getting notifications. Click it again to unfollow that conversation.

You can follow and unfollow individual threads, or the entire document if you like.

You can see all the comments for every document you follow in the Updates section of the web app. Click one to jump right to it in your document.

Now that you know how to make the most of comments, why not give them a go? All you need to do is make sure you have our latest Mac update, and you’re all set to discuss your designs with teammates — right on the Canvas.

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