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New in Sketch: Documents window improvements, simpler prototype sharing and more

We’ve made it easier to access documents from all your Workspaces and added one-click prototype sharing in the Mac app

Version 75 of the Mac app is out now. With this update, we’ve added a new Workspace switcher to the Documents window. Now you can use a drop-down menu to switch to any other Workspace you’re a member or Guest of, and you’ll only see that Workspace’s documents and Projects.

The latest release also makes it easier to share prototypes from the Mac app for any document that lives in your Workspace. It’s as simple as clicking the Share button in the toolbar while you’re testing a prototype from the Mac app.

Elsewhere, there’s a new shortcut to quickly access all your Document Settings in one place — just hit , — as well as an option to lock or unlock the ratio of Slice layers from the Inspector, and some other small improvements. And, as always, we’ve squashed some pesky bugs and improved performance based on your feedback.

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