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Sketch 3.1

We’re pleased to announce that Sketch 3.1 is now available with a big change to the Sketch file format that should make it easier to share and send documents.

We’re pleased to announce that Sketch 3.1 is now available. It’s a big update and took us a while to get it ready, but it was worth the wait we think.

New File Format

The biggest change is that we’ve changed Sketch’s file format. Instead of saving a group of files concealed in a bundle, we’re now saving just one binary file. On the surface nothing has changed, but if you’ve ever had problems emailing a Sketch document to someone or had problems sharing it over DropBox; all of that is solved now.

Other feature highlights:

  • Improved speed
  • Support for layer snapping when resizing and moving layers.
  • The rulers have received a nice boost in speed and functionality.
  • The Pages Panel has been redesigned
  • Boolean op’ed shapes’ bounds now only include the visible area only, not the total bounds of all subpaths
  • Creating Masks has been made easier; the Mask-with-Shape button now accepts any combination of layers
  • Much improved support for Framer (

Take a look at the changelog for the full list of changes