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Sketch on Treehouse

Sketch on Treehouse

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our first official course to learn Sketch, thanks to our friends at Treehouse. Treehouse, as you may already know, offer video-based courses to teach people design and development. When they asked us to create a course, we jumped at the opportunity!

Our aim was to make a concise and valuable course, organised as four bite-sized stages. We will introduce students to all the basics of Sketch, as well as looking at some of the more advanced features. At the end of the course, students will have the confidence in Sketch to go forth and begin creating their own designs for their next project.

With that done, we sent our designer Chris over to Treehouse HQ where he went on set to film, and record the screencasts

The four stages of the course are:

The Introduction
Starting off by answering the question “What is Sketch?”, before installing it and being given a virtual tour of the app.

Learning Sketch Basics
Covering the basic features of Sketch, which act as the foundation of every project. From creating objects, to organising and laying them out.

Exporting Your Designs
How to take the designs and objects you made in the previous stage, and get them out of Sketch, ready for use elsewhere.

Bringing It All Together
Once the fundamental features are covered, bringing your newly-learned skills together, you’ll create a simple mobile interface, picking up some advanced tricks and tips along the way!

Check out the course trailer below:

If you sign up for the course, Treehouse will give you a 20% discount on a copy of Sketch. If you don’t own it already, but want to start using it, this could be the perfect opportunity! Just follow the instructions in the course.

Treehouse student or not, you can also check out the new learn page on our site where you can find tutorials, Sketch files for you to download and check out, as well as great links to some of the most popular learning resources for Sketch on the web. Keep checking back for updates!

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