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Switch to a subscription

And get all the tools you need to collaborate and create incredible products

Why choose a subscription?

Today, Sketch is much more than just a Mac app. It’s a home for your entire team to design and collaborate. Switch from a legacy license to a subscription and make a new home for you or your entire design team. More tools for the same price. Find out more or make the switch below.

Feature Legacy Mac-only Subscription
A powerful native Mac app Yes Yes
Symbols and local Libraries Yes Yes
A shared Workspace for you and your team No Yes
Real-time collaboration No Yes
Team Libraries No Yes
Full version history for every document No Yes
Share Prototypes with your team and stakeholders No Yes
Leave comments for feedback No Yes
Developer handoff from any browser No Yes
User management & unlimited free Guests No Yes

Want to know more? Take a look at all the benefits of switching to a subscription.

How to switch

As an individual designer, how you switch will depend on whether or not you already have a Sketch Account. If you do, any documents and Libraries that you store in your Personal Workspace will automatically appear in your new Workspace when you switch. If not, you can simply start a 30-day free trial and create a Workspace instantly.

As a team, you’ll need to switch the entire team to a subscription at once to benefit from a shared Workspace. A Workspace centralizes the company’s billing and user management, and is a shared space to store and collaborate on documents, Libraries and Design Systems.

I’m an individual designer

Sign in with your Sketch Account or create a new one for free. This account will replace your old license key as the way to authenticate the Mac app.

If you created a new account, we’ll automatically create a Workspace for you. Simply sign into the Mac app and web app using your new account to get started. All new or upgraded Workspaces start with a 30-day free trial.

I’m part of a team

If you are part of a team of designers, your company probably uses a single license key for the whole team. Rather than upgrade yourself, you should ask your company to set up a subscription for the entire team.

Check out our documentation for tips and best practices to merge everyone’s uploads into a single Workspace.

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