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illustration made in sketch of duplicating documents
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New in Sketch: Duplicate documents to My Drafts in a click

It’s now easy to copy a public Sketch document to your Workspace — including templates, UI kits, icon packs and more

We make it easy to track changes to Workspace documents with a full version history, but sometimes you want to riff on a design without changing the original file. So, we’ve introduced the option to duplicate documents to your My Drafts project in your Workspace.

You can duplicate documents that already exist inside your Workspace, as well as ones that others share with a public link. That means anyone can share an idea for the rest of the world to make a copy, iterate on, and make it their own.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

When does duplicating documents come in handy?

Duplicating within your Workspace

We know good products are all about iteration. Let’s imagine you’re working on a major redesign of your app. Instead of starting from scratch with a new document, or adding the redesign as a new version to the old design, you can duplicate your document and start with a solid baseline and a fresh version history.

To do this, hover over any document’s thumbnail and click on Three dots. Select Duplicate to My Drafts, and done! You’ll find your brand new copy within your drafts. And in case you’re wondering, anyone who shared the original version won’t be able to see your duplicate. Also, if you duplicate a Library, your copy will become a regular document. So, you’re free to edit to your heart’s content until you’re ready to share.

If you’re browsing in List view, you can find the drop-down menu icon at the end of the row.

Duplicating public documents

We’re all about helping each other create our best work, and what better way than making it as easy as possible to share your ideas? So now, when someone shares a link to a public document, you can duplicate a copy to My Drafts in any Workspace you’re a part of.

So if your favorite creator shares a new template or you see a UI kit that’s perfect for your next project, you can easily copy them to your own Workspace and get a head-start on your work.

Want to try it out for yourself? Duplicate this handy tutorial for designing isometric cards!

If you’re part of more than one Workspace, you can choose which one you want to copy the document to.

Sharing your documents

Public documents can go both ways. Not only can you grab knowledge from elsewhere, but you can also add to the pool of design wisdom. Whether you’re looking to share a document, offer resources for your social media followers, or release some templates out into the wild — you can simply create a public link. To make sure anyone can duplicate the document, check the Can download and inspect box before copying the link.

In the meantime, have you created any cool Sketch files you want to share? Let us know on Twitter!

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