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3 moodboard examples and templates to get you started

Whether you’re designing a blog, an app, or even a room — we’ve got you covered

Need some inspiration for your next project? A moodboard can help! In this article, we’ll take a look at a few different moodboard examples — and moodboard templates — to help you think of different ways you could share your ideas. Let’s dive in!

What is a moodboard and how can it help?

We’ve covered what a moodboard is before — but let’s do a recap! A moodboard is a collage of various visual elements — like photos, colors, typography and graphics. If you’ve got a creative project coming up, creating a moodboard is a great way to visualize and present your ideas — whether you’re designing a website, illustrating a book cover, or even redecorating your living room.

3 moodboard examples to get you started

It’s one thing to know what a moodboard is — it’s another to create one from scratch! To help you imagine what yours could look like, here are three moodboard examples, each arranged in their own way.

1. A travel blog moodboard template — using photos

An easy way to fill your moodboard is to add photos that literally depict what your project’s about. And don’t be afraid to get specific! In fact, having a clear theme in mind will help make your moodboard more effective.

For example, in the travel blog moodboard below, you’ll see plenty of vacation-themed photos. And if you take a closer look, you’ll notice they all feature water and warm weather. This might suggest that the blog will focus on tropical travel destinations or on water sports — rather than travel as a whole.

Tip: While all the moodboards in this post separate images from colors, it’s not required! Remember — it’s a collage. So feel free to mix them up.
An image of a moodboard template in Sketchs Mac app for a travel blog.

Working on a travel product? You could fill your moodboard with photos of the exact travel scenarios you’re trying to focus on. The photos in this moodboard highlight tropical travel destinations and water sports.

2. An interior design moodboard template — showing materials

But you don’t have to use situational photos. You could also use images of textures and materials to convey the mood you’re going for.

For example, though the image below shows an interior design moodboard, there are hardly any images of buildings or rooms. Instead, you see plenty of images of wood and stone — and even one of leaves. The color palette complements them — using shades of brown, gray and green.

Altogether, this moodboard helps us focus on the importance of using natural materials and earthy tones — whether we’re choosing furniture, painting walls, or thinking about decorations.

An image of a moodboard template in Sketchs Mac app for an interior design project.

You can also convey your project’s mood through textures and materials. For example, this interior design moodboard highlights wood and stone as important materials — rather than how they should look in context.

3. A marketing campaign moodboard template — using words

Words can powerfully convey the mood you’re going for — not just through their meaning but also with the way they look.

The marketing campaign moodboard below, for example, includes quotes like “you’re doing great” and “I am bold” — clearly sharing a positive and encouraging message. But they’re also written in pink neon lights, which gives that message an energetic boost.

Together with images of cocktails, balloons and modern furniture, this moodboard can inspire confident and optimistic marketing materials.

An image of a moodboard template in Sketchs Mac app for a marketing campaign.

Words can powerfully convey the mood you’re going for — not just literally but also aesthetically.

Liked the examples above? Now it’s time to make your own! We made them using a free template by Lucas Zapico on Sketch App Sources. All you have to do is download the template and start customizing it in our Mac app. And if you need images, try our Unsplash plugin!

These are just a few ways to organize your moodboard content. At the end of the day, it’s all about representing your creative vision. So whether you want your images to overlap with each other or put your color palette on a separate page — feel free to explore other formats.

Next up, here’s how to create a moodboard in just five steps.

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