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New in Sketch: real-time collaboration, performance improvements, new Data controls and more

With version 72 of the Mac app, we’re including a whole host of rendering and performance improvements. Many of them are subtle, but they all add up to a better experience — you should notice that things feel more responsive when moving Symbols and Nested Symbols around the Canvas, during exports, and when saving documents to your Workspace.

Elsewhere, we’ve added a new option to choose whether Data you insert into your designs is random or sequential. Plus, we’ve added support for nested data within Linked Data (JSON) sources — which will appear in a group when you add it to your Canvas.

You’ll also find some nifty new shortcuts for aligning layers. now align layers left, right, top or bottom. V or H align layers vertically or horizontally. Add the modifier to any of those shortcuts to align layers within an Artboard.

Finally, after quietly launching real-time collaboration a few weeks ago for customers with a Teams subscription, it’s now available for everyone who wants it. Now you can invite others into Sketch documents and edit alongside them in real-time. Find out more in our Getting Started Guide.