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Adding shapes

Shapes are one the most common types of layers in Sketch documents — and because they’re vector-based, they’re incredibly flexible.

The easiest way to get started is to add and edit pre-made shapes. You can also combine two or more shapes using Boolean Operations. If you need something a little more custom, you can create your own shapes using the vector editing tools.

How to add pre-made shapes

To add a new shape, click the Insert button Create in the toolbar or the Insert menu item in the menu bar, select Shape option and then choose the type of shape you want to add.

You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts to add some pre-made shapes:

R Rectangle Rectangle tool
O Oval Oval tool
U Rounded rectangle Rounded tool
L Line Line tool

Click and drag anywhere within your Canvas or Artboard to add your shape. You’ll see the shape’s dimensions next to your cursor as you drag.

Hold as you click and drag to make your shape’s height and width equal.

Hold as you click and drag to draw your shape from its center (instead of the top-left).

Hold the Space bar as you click and drag to change your shape’s origin as opposed to its size (handy if you started in the wrong place).

How to add shapes with the Pencil tool

Press P or choose to Pencil Pencil tool from the Insert Create menu to enable the Pencil tool. From there you can draw any shape you like. When you’ve finished drawing, the Mac app will smooth curves and simplify the path you’ve created.

How to add shapes from SVG Code

You can create new shape layers by copying and pasting SVG code anywhere on your Canvas.

Last updated on 21 Apr 2021

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