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To apply a gradient fill to a layer, click the color button Oval under the Fills section of the Inspector, then choose either the linear Linear Gradient, radial Radial Gradient or angular gradient Angular Gradient buttons at the top of the popover.

How to create linear gradients

With a linear gradient Linear Gradient, the Mac app adds a line with two points to your layer.

To change a color on your gradient, click on either point and select a color using the color popover in the Inspector. To add another color to your gradient, click anywhere on the gradient line to add a new point.

Drag the color points to change the look of your gradient. Or select a point and press backspace to delete it.

How to create radial gradients

Editing radial gradients is similar to editing linear gradients except that one of the points now sets the middle of the effect and its opposite point sets where the effect ends. By dragging the non-color point, you can control the size of the effect.

How to create angular gradients

Angular Gradients Angular Gradient place any color points you create on a circle (based on the maximum height or width of a layer). You can drag the points to adjust their position or click on the circle to add new points.

How to use the gradient bar

Along with the gradient points on your layers, you can use the gradient bar in the color popover to adjust and control your gradient. It works in exactly the same way. Click a point to change its color and drag it to move it, click anywhere on the bar to add a new color, or select a point and press backspace to remove it.

How to adjust gradient points with shortcuts

You can use the following shortcuts to adjust your gradient:

1 - 9 Position a new color point along the gradient bar (e.g. 3 = 30% along.
= Positions a gradient point equally between two other points.
Tab Switch between color point.
or Adjust the color point position incrementally.
or Adjust the color point position in larger increments.
Last updated on 21 Apr 2021

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