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Last updated on 01 Aug 2022

Shadows and Inner Shadows have the same controls but work in different ways. Shadows render outside a layer, while Inner Shadows render inside a layer.


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An image showing the different types of shadows

Shadow type examples in the Mac app (v91 August 2022)

You can apply multiple shadows to the same layer, and control their colors, blending modes, X and Y positions, blur radius and spread.

An image showing different shadows

Shadow types and examples of settings in the Mac app (v91 August 2022)

The X and Y values offset the shadow from the layer and can be positive or negative. The Blur value sets the Blur radius to apply to the shadow in pixels. The Spread value (+ or -) sets the distance in pixels to expand or contract the shadow in all directions.

An image showing different shadow blur and spread settings

Shadow Blur and Spread examples of settings in the Mac app (v91 August 2022)