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With the Sketch iPhone app you can browse your Workspace, view documents, test Prototypes and mirror designs as you edit them in the Mac app.


To use our iPhone app, you will need:

  • An iPhone running iOS 15.0 or later
  • A Sketch Account with access to one or more Workspaces
  • An internet connection (you do not have to be connected to the same network as your Mac if you are mirroring documents as you edit them)
  • To mirror documents on your iPhone as you edit them, you’ll need to have permissions to edit documents in your Workspace

Getting Started

To get started, download the app from the App Store. Once you’ve installed and launched the app you’ll need to sign in with the same account details you use to access the web app and (if you’re an Editor) the Mac app.

Image showing the steps for Sketch iPhone app onboarding.

Onboarding steps for Sketch iPhone app (June 2022)

  1. Sign In - using your Sketch account details to browse documents and projects in your Workspaces.
  2. Sign in with SSO - this option is only available to customers on our Business Plan who have SSO enabled for their Workspace.
  3. To sign in, use the Email and Password that you use to sign in to your Sketch account.
  4. Tap Sign In to access your Workspace(s) and view documents and projects in your default Workspace.
  5. To switch between Workspaces (if you are a member of more than one), tap the Back button.
  6. Workspace name - the name of the current workspace you are viewing.
  7. All Documents - shows previews of all the documents that you have access to in the current Workspace, swipe horizontally to browse or tap See All to view a larger grid of documents.
  8. Projects - shows all the Projects in a Workspace, tap on any Project to view the documents within it.
  9. Account avatar - taping this will take you to your account Account settings and show you the Workspaces you are signed in to.

Once you’ve signed in, you will see all the documents and projects that you have access to in your default Workspace.

To open a document tap on its preview tile. Larger documents might take a moment to download and open, we‘ll show a progress bar for those. If you want to cancel the action of opening a document, you can tap on the tile again. Once opened, you can swipe between the different Artboards in your document, or pull up the Document sheet to scroll through Artboards, switch between pages or play prototypes:

Image showing the steps required for viewing a document in the Sketch iPhone app.

Viewing a document in the Sketch iPhone app (June 2022)

  1. Close document - tap the X to close the document and return to the Workspace view.
  2. Document sheet - shows the Artboards within the page you’re viewing, along with a list of Pages and Prototypes in that document. It also has a section for any Document Warnings. You can swipe up to expand the sheet, or swipe down to see more of the current Artboard. To hide the Document sheet, tap once anywhere on the current Artboard. Tap again to reveal it.
  3. Below the Document sheet you will see the default Artboard of the default page in the document. You can swipe left or right to browse Artboards on that page.
  4. At the top of the Document sheet, you’ll see previews of the Artboards for the current page. You can swipe across to see them all and tap on any of them to go to that Artboard.
  5. The Prototypes section displays any of the document’s existing prototypes, tap on a prototype to start playing it. Playing a prototype will automatically hide the iPhone app’s UI. To return to the document, press and hold on the screen.
  6. In the Pages section, you can navigate between the pages within your document. Tapping on a page will switch to it and show Artboards for that page at the top of the Document sheet.
  7. Document Warnings - will display any warnings (e.g. missing fonts).

Previewing Prototypes

You can browse and play Prototypes in a Document from the Document Sheet. Tap on a Prototype to play it on your device:

Image showing how to preview prototypes in a document using the Sketch iPhone app.

Previewing prototypes in a document using the Sketch iPhone app (June 2022)

  1. From the Document sheet, tap a prototype to play it from its set start point.
  2. Tapping outside of hotspots and links during playback will show hints on the screen.

To end the prototype playback, touch and hold anywhere on the screen to return to the document summary.

Real-time updates

When you’re viewing a document in the iPhone app that someone else in your Workspace is editing in the Mac app, you’ll see any changes they make as updates in real-time. As the iPhone app is for viewing documents and prototypes only, you won’t be able to edit or collaborate in real-time. To edit documents in real-time, you’ll need to open them in the Mac app.

Notes on Document formats

Occasionally you will be prompted to update a document if you are opening one that was created using an earlier version of the Mac app. You can choose one of three actions:

  1. Update and Open - updates the document in the Workspace, this will update the document for everyone and they will need to use the most recent version of the Mac app to open and edit it. You will see any updates made by other Editors working on the document in real-time.
  2. Update as Local Copy - updates the document and opens it Locally - this will only update the document for your current session in the iPhone app. You will not see any real-time updates made by Editors.
  3. Cancel - don’t open the document.

Editing and Mirroring Workspace Documents

If you (or any Editor) have a Workspace document open in the Mac app, you’ll see a From Your Mac section in the Workspace view of the iPhone app, with that document’s tile:

Image showing how to mirror Mac app documents in the Sketch iPhone app.

Mirroring active Mac app documents in the Sketch iPhone app (June 2022)

To mirror a document you are working on in the Mac app:

  1. Tap the document’s tile in the From Your Mac section of the Workspace view to open it.
  2. Tap the mirror icon (in the top-right of the Document view), you’ll now be mirroring your edits in the Mac app on your iPhone.

When you switch between Artboards and make edits in the Mac app, you’ll see the Artboard you’re editing and the changes you’re making reflected immediately in the iPhone app.

Note: To mirror documents, you’ll need an internet connection for both your Mac and iPhone, but they do not need to be tethered (either via USB or Wi-Fi). They can even be on different internet connections. You also need to sign in to both the Mac and iPhone apps with the same Sketch account.

Sharing documents

There are two ways to share a link to a document from within the iPhone app, both of which use the standard iOS sharing options:

  1. Tap and hold a document‘s preview icon in the Workspace view, then tap Share.
  2. Tap the Export (Share) icon at the top of the document sheet when you’re viewing a document.

Account Settings

Tapping on your avatar in the top-right corner of the Workspace view will display some basic account settings:

Image showing Account Settings in the Sketch iPhone app.

Account Settings in the Sketch iPhone app (June 2022)

  1. Tapping on your Account avatar (if you’ve set one for your account) will display the Account settings sheet.
  2. The Account settings sheet displays your Profile picture, name and email.
  3. You can see the Workspaces you have access to with your Account or tap Sign Out to sign in to another account.
  4. Tapping on Account Settings will open your Account Settings in a browser to view and you will need to sign in again to access these.
  5. Help with Sketch will take you to our support pages in a browser view.
Last updated on 16 Jun 2022

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