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Setting up Sketch

Last updated on 07 May 2024
4 min read

Start your journey with Sketch by creating your very own Workspace and trying out the Mac app with all its features — free for 30 days.

Creating a Workspace

Creating your Sketch account and Workspace

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  1. Sign up for a Sketch account. If you’re creating a Workspace for your team, we recommend you use a company email.

    An image showing the sign up screen

    Start by creating a Sketch account

    If you already have a Sketch Account but want to create a new Workspace, sign in to your account, select the Workspace switcher menu on the top left, choose Create a New Workspace and follow the next steps.

    In image showing how to create a new Workspace with an existing Sketch account

    You can create a new Workspace with your existing Sketch account

  2. Name your Workspace and (optionally) upload a Workspace image. Admins can change the name and logo of your Workspace at any point.
    An image showing how to give your new Workspace a name and upload a Workspace image

    Give your new Workspace a name and optionally upload a image

  3. Invite new Members to your Workspace by clicking Invite People. Type their email and assign them a role. You can invite people later on, if you prefer.

    An image showing how to invite people to the Workspace

    Invite some people to your Workspace – or do it later

  4. Click Start Using Sketch. You’ll be assigned as an Admin and as an Editor — every Workspace must have at least Editor. You can change your role after you’ve finished setting up your Workspace. Finally, click Continue to the Workspace.

And you’re done! You’ll have 30 days to try Sketch for free without adding credit card details, so be sure to download the Mac app and give it a try.

To keep using your Workspace after the 30-day trial, choose a monthly or yearly subscription — or even a Mac-only license (in case you don’t want a Workspace).

If you cancel your subscription before the trial ends, we won’t charge you anything.

Installing the Mac app

Now that you have Sketch account and created a Workspace, be sure to download and intall the Mac app.

Installing the Mac app

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Installing the iOS app

If you just started a trial or signed up for a subscription, you’ll also have access to Sketch — View & Mirror, our iOS app which you can download right here.

With the iOS app you can use your iPhone or iPad to browse your Workspace(s), view documents, test prototypes and mirror designs as you edit them in the Mac app.

iOS app requirements

To use the app, you’ll need:

  • An iPhone running iOS 16.0 or later, or an iPad running iPadOS 16.0 or later
  • A Sketch subscription with access to one or more Workspaces
  • An internet connection
  • Edit permissions for any documents you want to mirror

Although the app requires an internet connection, you don’t need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac to mirror a document you’re editing. Also, Workspace documents you’ve previously opened will still be available to browse if you are no longer connected to the internet.

Because Sketch — View & Mirror uses our Workspaces technology to power document mirroring, it does not support Mac-only licenses.

Signing in or out

After you’ve created a Sketch account, use your email and password to sign into the web app and (if you’re an Editor) the Mac app to edit documents in your Workspace. If your Workspace is set up with SSO (Single Sign-On), select Sign in with SSO instead.

If you need to sign out and sign in to a different account or Workspace, tap on your profile on the bottom left of your Workspace and click Sign Out.

Subscription or license?


If you’re enjoying Sketch, a subscription gets you the complete Sketch experience — including access to the Mac app, the web app, the iOS app and a Workspace. You can opt for either a monthly or a year subscription. Just keep in mind that a yearly subscription saves you $24 every year over a monthly subscription at $12 per month!

We also offer a Business Plan that grants you priority support, a dedicated customer success manager, customized reviews and terms, single sign-on (SSO), invoiced-based billing, unlimited cloud storage and more. You can switch to a Business Plan yourself via your Workspace settings — or get in touch with us directly.


You can get a license that gives you access to the Mac app for a full year. With a Mac-only license you won’t have access to Workspaces, so you’d need to save your documents locally.

Also, bear in mind that the Mac-only license doesn’t include the powerful collaborative and sharing tools you’d get with a subscription.

Sketch for Education

Are you a student, teacher, or an academic institution? If yes, Sketch is free! Simply verify your status with us and you’re good to go.