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Managing documents

Learn how to manage your documents — from saving your work to using versioning in your Workspace.

Opening Workspace documents in the Mac app

In the Mac app You can find and open documents in your Workspace from the Documents window. Double-click on any document to open it in the Mac app.

The Documents window

The Documents window will pop up every time you open the Mac app — you can also bring up the Documents window to open a Workspace document by choosing File > Open Workspace document (or pressing +O).

If you’re part of a team or have created Projects Group, you’ll see these in the sidebar. Clicking on a Workspace or Project name will show only the documents that belong to it.

In the Documents window, you’ll find the Project a document belongs to under its thumbnail. You can also see the different levels of access to that document with the following icons:

  • Globe: Anyone with the document’s link can access
  • People: Only certain Guests can access
  • Lock/Unlock rulers: Only you can access
A picture showing the different sharing badges in the Documents window.

You can also toggle between Workspaces using the switcher in the top-left side of the window, check our templates or create new Projects from the Documents window.

Opening and editing documents from the web app

You can open any document in the Mac app directly from your browser by clicking on the Edit button at the bottom of the sidebar in a document’s overview. Depending on your browser, you may have to confirm this action before your document will open in the Mac app.

If you are viewing a single Artboard, you’ll see a new icon to the right of the zoom controls to open your document focused on that specific Artboard in the Mac app.

You can also open documents in the Mac app from the All Documents view All documents in your Workspace. To do this, hover over any document’s thumbnail, click and choose Edit.

Creating a new document

To create a new document, you can either double-click on the New Document thumbnail in the Documents window and choose File > New, or press + N.

Saving documents

Saving files to your Workspace

Choose File > Save (or press +S), select the To a Workspace tab and choose the Workspace and, if you want, Project folder where you want to save your document.

If you close a document while it’s saving to your Workspace, we’ll ask you whether you want to wait for the save to complete or whether you want to close and cancel the save. If you select Close and Cancel, the update will not upload to your Workspace.

You can also save a document to your Workspace by clicking on the Collaborate button in the toolbar Collaboration, choosing a Workspace and a Project (if you’ve created one) to save to then clicking Save.

If you have a document saved locally (on your computer) you can drag-and-drop it onto the Documents window to save it to your Workspace. When you do this, you’ll be able to choose a Workspace and Project to save it to. This also works with multiple documents, making it great if you’re moving an entire set of documents to your Workspace for the first time.

Saving files locally

Choose File > Save (or press +S), select the On Your Mac tab and choose the location where you want to save it in your Mac.

Saving real-time collaboration documents

To collaborate on a new document, you’ll need to save it to your Workspace. Once you’ve saved it to your Workspace, we’ll save your changes automatically while you work. Every time you close or save a document, we’ll create an update — a snapshot of your work at that moment. You can access and browse updates in the web app’s sidebar.

Working on a Workspace document locally When you’re working on a document with other people, you can download the Workspace document to your computer, make your changes locally and manually upload them to your Workspace to create a new version of the document. Click and hit Update Document…. Before uploading your document, we’ll ask you to confirm this action, as it might overwrite edits from other collaborators.

If someone is working on the same document as you in your Workspace, you won’t be able to push changes until they’re gone.

A picture showing a message that changes cant be uploaded to your workspace because someone is working in the same document in the Workspace.

Saving real-time collaboration documents offline

If you’re working offline, we’ll store any changes you save locally. When you are back online, we’ll update the latest version of the document that’s available in your Workspace with all your new changes.

Note: If someone deletes an object that you’ve edited while you were offline, we won’t be able to apply changes to that object.

Using updates

When you save changes you’ve made to a document you’ve stored in your Workspace, it’ll automatically appear as a new update within the sidebar in the web app. You can click on any update in the sidebar to view an older version. When you’re viewing an older version, you can click the See Latest Version button in the top-right to go straight to the latest version.

You can also see updates for specific Artboards Artboard (if they’ve changed) in the Artboard view.

Deleting updates

Open your document and hover over the update you want to delete in the sidebar, click on Dots Cloud and choose Delete…. You will need to confirm that you want to delete that update by clicking Delete Update in the confirmation window that appears.

Note: If there is only one update in the document’s history, you won’t be able to delete it.

Switching between Workspaces

To switch between Workspaces you’re a member (Editor or Viewer) or Guest of:

In the Mac app Use the drop-down menu in the top-left of the Documents window and choose a Workspace or toggle between Workspaces using 1 (or the number that corresponds to your Workspace). You’ll only see documents and Projects that belong to that Workspace.

In the web app Select your Workspace from the drop-down menu in the top-left to view all the documents shared in your Workspace.

An image showing the workspace switcher in the web app

Viewing Workspace documents in the web app

There are a few different ways to view documents in the web app.

From the Mac app With a Workspace document open, click on the Collaborate button in the toolbar, or head to File > Workspace, and choose View in Workspace…. This will open the document in a new browser window.

If someone has shared a document with you via your Workspace email address, choose the Workspace they shared it from using the drop-down menu in the top-left of the web app. You will see the shared document in the panel to the right.

If you’ve been sent a link to a Workspace document, clicking on that link will open it up in a new browser window. When you open a document in the web app, you’ll see its prototypes, pages, Artboards and Symbols. You can click any of these to view them in more detail. You can also use the drop-down menu in the document’s title to view a particular page’s Artboards.

Exploring Workspace documents in the web app

You can choose to browse documents in your Workspace either in a list or a grid view. To switch between these two views, use the buttons in the top-right corner of the web app’s menu bar.

When you’re viewing an individual Artboard, you can use the Arrow keys or click on the arrows in the top-left to jump between the different Artboards in the document.

When you’re viewing an individual Artboard, you can click on it to zoom in and view it full size — or use the zoom controls in the top-right. You can also press:

  • 0 to zoom to 100%
  • 1 to fit the Artboard on your screen
  • + to zoom in (or = on non-US keyboars)
  • - to zoom out

From there, you can scroll around to see all of its contents.

Making a local copy of a Workspace document

In the Mac app Depending on your Auto Save preferences, you can either choose File > Duplicate (Auto Save enabled) or File > Save As… (Auto Save disabled) to save a new copy of your current document. In the save sheet, you can choose to save it locally (on your Mac) or to a Workspace.

Tip: If you have Auto Save enabled, you’ll only see Duplicate in the File menu, but you can hold down to show Save As… instead.

In the web app From your Workspace or project view, hover over your document’s thumbnail, choose then Download Document. From the document or Artboard view, click on the settings icon Settings in the top-right and choose Download Document.

Moving documents from My Drafts to a shared Workspace

In the web app You can move documents from My Drafts to a shared Workspace by hovering over the document’s thumbnail, clicking the more options icon Dots Cloud that appears and choosing Move to Project…. From there, select the Project you want to move your document to and click Move to confirm.

Note: You cannot undo the process of moving a document from My Drafts to a shared Workspace.

Adding a preview thumbnail to documents

To add a thumbnail to a Workspace document, move the Artboard you want to use so that it is the first Artboard of the first page in your document. This Artboard should be at least 250x250, otherwise it won’t show.

Downloading documents from the web app

You can download any document in your Workspace by clicking Download Document at the bottom of the sidebar in the document view, or by hovering over a document’s thumbnail, clicking Dots Cloud and selecting Download document.

Note: Clicking Download Document will download the update you’re currently viewing, even if that’s an older update.

Renaming documents

In the Mac app Choose File > Rename…, enter its new name in the title bar, then press enter on your keyboard to save.

You can also double-click on any document thumbnail in the Documents window (or Control-click on the thumbnail and choose Rename) to rename it.

In the web app

  • From your Workspace or Project view: hover over your document’s thumbnail, choose Dots Cloud, then Rename….
  • From the document or Artboard view: click on the Settings icon Settings in the top-right and choose Rename….

Deleting documents

In the Mac app Control-click on a document’s thumbnail in the Documents window and choose Delete Document…, or click once on the thumbnail to select it and press the backspace key on your keyboard.

In the web app From your Workspace or project view, hover over your document’s thumbnail, click the icon and choose Delete Document…. You can also drag and drop a document’s thumbnail to the Trash item in the sidebar Trash icon prototyping.

If you’re viewing a single Artboard or in the document’s overview, you can click on the settings Settings in the top-right and choose Delete Document….

When you delete a document in your Workspace you’ll send it to the Trash Trash icon prototyping. We’ll automatically delete any documents that have been in the Trash for 90 days, but up until that point you can easily restore them.

Restoring documents

To restore a file in the Trash Trash icon prototyping, click on the document’s preview and choose Restore. You can also hover over the document’s preview in the Trash, click Dots Cloud and select Restore document.

Permanently deleting documents

If you want to permanently delete a document, hover over its thumbnail in the Trash, click Dots Cloud and select Delete Permanently. When you delete a document permanently, it will also remove all its activity and history for your whole team.

To empty the Trash, hover over the Trash icon Trash icon prototyping in the sidebar, click Dots Cloud and select Empty Trash. Be careful — anyone in your Workspace can empty the Trash and this is a permanent action, so please be sure before you do so!

Note: At this time, you can only access and empty the Trash Trash icon prototyping from your web browser. We’ll be bringing this functionality to the Mac app in a future update.

Last updated on 02 Aug 2021

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