Harness the power of Sketch, with plugins. Plugins are an important part of Sketch’s ecosystem and they can be installed to extend Sketch’s functionality. All plugins have been created by third-party developers and can be downloaded for free, or purchased from the developer.

Installing Plugins

Our Extensions page contains an extensive, and up-to-date list of available plugins, that provide a wealth of functionality. Once you’ve found one you like, installing it couldn’t be simpler! Simply double-click the plugin and that’s it.

Once you plugin is installed, you can access it via the Plugins item in the menu bar. If you choose Plugins › Manage Plugins… then you’ll be taken to the Plugins preference pane where you can view and manage your installed plugins.

Disabling Plugins

Sometimes after an update or bug fix, plugins may become incompatible with Sketch. If Sketch is crashing and you think it could be a problem caused by an incompatible plugin, you can hold down the Shift key during launch to disable all plugins you have installed.

Restarting Sketch without holding down the Shift key will enable any previously disabled plugins.

Creating Plugins

It’s also possible for you to create your own plugins for Sketch. To learn more, head over to our developer site which contains a host of examples and resources to help you on your way.

Last modified on Mar 02, 2019

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