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An annotated image showing the Canvas tab in Preferences
  1. Color Profile gives you different color profile options for the Mac app to render your documents with. If you want to set a different color profile in specific document you can do so in the Document Settings window. To learn more about color profiles and the difference between assigning and converting color profiles, read our documentation on color profiles
  2. Animate Zoom applies a transition to help you see where you’ve come from when you’ve zoomed into a specific part of your document.
  3. Zoom In On Selection will focus on your current selection when you zoom in, rather than zooming towards the center of the canvas.
  4. Zoom Back to Previous Canvas Position zooms out to your position on the canvas before you zoomed in, instead of zooming out from the center.
  5. Nudging lets you set the distance you’ll move layers by nudging them with the arrow keys, as well as how that distance changes when you hold down shift.
  6. Colors lets you customize how any guides look, as well as any prototyping overlays.
Last updated on 17 Sep 2021

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