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If you are looking for information on how to create, share or update library components, head over to the Libraries section.

To add a new Library, choose Add Library… in the Preference tab and select the .sketch Library document.

An annotated image showing the different parts of the Sketch interface.
  1. Enable/Disable your Libraries in the Mac app using the checkboxes, this is handy when you have lots of Libraries to manage.
  2. Workspace, Remote and Local Libraries will be displayed in separate sections.
  3. Control-clicking on a Library Add Library in the list will bring up options to show it in the Finder or Web Browser (depending on type), open it or remove it altogether.
  4. Library info shows if it needs enabling or, if it is enabled, whether it is starred and when it was last updated. If an update is available for an enabled library a button is shown to initiate the update.
  5. The More options menu gives you the same options for any Library you’ve selected as if you have control-clicked on it.
  6. Add Library lets you add Libraries from anywhere on your computer via the standard macOS open dialog.

How to Restore Missing Libraries

If you see a warning in your Library preferences about a missing Library, this means the Mac app can’t find that .sketch Library document.

An annotated image showing the different parts of the Sketch interface.
  1. Missing Library warning is shown, for example, if you have moved the original file.
  2. Locate missing library option is used to open a MacOS file dialog where you can find and relink to the library in its new location.

Removing and disabling Libraries

To delete a Library, control-click on the Library you want to uninstall and select Remove Library…. Although you can’t delete Libraries in your Workspace from the Preference window, you can always disable them.

Note: Removing a Library that any of your Sketch documents are using will unlink any Symbols in that document and move them into the local Symbols page. This is destructive and you can’t undo this process.

When you disable a Library, you won’t see it in the Insert Menu or Insert Window. This can be helpful to organize your workflow and only show those libraries you are currently working with. You can always enable the Library again as long as you don’t delete it.

Last updated on 23 May 2022

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