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Restricting edit rights for individual documents

By default, every Editor in your Workspace will automatically have editing permissions for any document you save to your Workspace and any Viewer will be able to open it.

You can change this for individual documents in the Share menu in the web app. Use the drop-down menu next to your Workspace name to select the permissions you want for Editors and Viewers in your Workspace, including the option to allow comments and downloading.

A movie showing how to change the permissions on a document for everyone in your Workspace in the Document Settings window.

If you change this setting to View, Editors won’t have permission to edit or inspect. To enable inspecting and commenting for Viewers, check the relevant options below the access type. You can also give specific Editors or Viewers inside or outside your Workspace editing or viewing rights by inviting them via email and changing their permissions to Edit or View.

Alternatively, you can just remove editing permissions for specific people. Simply add their email addresses, and set their permissions to View.

You can downgrade an Admin user’s permissions to View if they don’t need or want to edit the document. However, Admins are the only people who can upgrade their own permissions from View to Edit.

An image showing an Admin with View permissions in the Document Settings window

As an Editor or Admin, you can restrict access to projects for other members in your Workspace in the Web app. To do so, open the project’s share settings and choose No Access from the drop-down menu next to the Workspace name.

An image showing

Note: If you are the author of a document and you downgrade your own permissions from Edit to View using the Manage Access section, you will no longer be able to edit the document, or change your permissions. Your Workspace admin will need to upgrade your access to restore your editing permissions.

Last updated on 10 Jan 2022

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