The Inspector is where you can edit and change the style properties for your selected layer.

Here you’ll find a range of options and tools that’ll allow you to change the color of a layer, apply effects such as shadows, and a host of tricks and tips.

Quickly Adjusting a Layer’s Opacity

Whenever you have a layer selected you can press the 1-9 keys on the keyboard to adjust the opacity of the layer quickly. For example, pressing 9 and 6 in quick succession will set the opacity to 96%, whilst if you pressed 9—then—6 with a short delay, the opacity would change from 90% to 60%.

Changing a Style’s Blend Mode

To change the blend mode of an individual Fill, Border, or Shadow, click the icon to the right of where you can change a property’s color. A menu of all the possible blend modes will appear.

Once a blend mode other than Normal has been applied, the icon color changes to blue — to notify you that you no longer have the default blend mode selected.

Organize Properties

You can rearrange the order in which multiple Fills, Borders, and Shadows will appear. To do so, click-and-drag in the empty space between the style’s controls, and move it above, or below another style.

You can even quickly remove unwanted styles this way by dragging it outside the Inspector.

Removing Unused Styles

An effective way to try to experiment with a new style is to have a number of Fills, Borders, or Shadows, and selectively adjusting their visibility.

Unused styles

You can hide each attribute by deselecting the visibility checkbox on its left. When one or more Fills, Borders, or Shadows are deselected, you can remove them by clicking on the delete button that appears on the section title.

In addition, you can Control-click a style attribute and choose “Remove” from the shortcut menu.

Clicking on the color well for a disabled style will enable that style or attribute and open the color popover.

Copying and Pasting Styles

You may want to quickly apply a style from one layer to another, without creating a new Shared Style. With a layer selected, choose Edit › Copy › Copy Style from the menu (or press Option-Command-C) to copy, and to paste onto another layer, choose Edit › Paste › Paste Style (or press Option-Command-V).

Using the Touch Bar

Selected layer Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar gives you an overview of your selected layer’s style. Fills and Borders appear where they can be tapped to reveal their color popover.

Here you can quickly scroll and select one of your presets, open the color picker, or choose a new color for your style, straight from the Touch Bar!

Color popover Touch Bar
Last modified on Mar 12, 2019

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