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Changes to pricing (May 2023)

Last updated on 22 May 2023
1 min read

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to evolve Sketch into a complete design platform. Aside from our regular updates,we’ve introduced real-time collaboration, Workspaces, commenting, developer handoff, prototyping, and much more.

On 19 May 2023, we introduced a modest increase to our prices. Even with these increases, you’ll find that our pricing is still favorable compared to our competitors — especially if you’re on the yearly plan:

  • Monthly subscriptions increased from $9 to $12 per month per Editor
  • Yearly subscriptions increased from $99 to $120 per year per Editor

We’ve also doubled the discount for yearly plans from one free month to two, saving you $24. Get in touch if you’d like to switch.

  • Mac-only licenses increased from $99 to $120 per year per license
  • Business Plan pricing remains unchanged

Still using a Mac-only license? Try a subscription for the same price of $120 you could get a yearly subscription that also comes with real-time collaboration, commenting, developer handoff, and a shared Workspace that brings your people and documents together. Contact us to make the switch.

Why are we increasing prices?

We don’t take decisions like these lightly but, our running costs are increasing. This fee adjustment helps us stay sustainable and deliver more new features — while further improving the level of polish you’ve come to expect from us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.