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How do I enable support access for my Workspace?

Last updated on 13 Nov 2023
1 min read

If you’re troubleshooting an issue that’s difficult to describe or reproduce, you may find it useful to give our Support Team temporary access to your Workspace.

With support access enabled, our Support Team can access your Workspace, view and download copies of documents — and even move them to other Workspaces if necessary. Our Support Team cannot edit documents in any way, nor we can change any permissions.

To enable support access, open the web app and first make sure you’re in the Workspace you want to enable support access for.

Next, click on Help near the bottom of the sidebar. Choose Support Access from the Help menu, then select the Enable support access checkbox and click Done.

Support access expires after seven days by default, after which the Support Team can no longer access your Workspace. However, you can disable it earlier if you like simply by deselecting the Enable support access checkbox.

Keep in mind that only Workspace Admins can enable support access. Non-Admin Members won’t see this option.

How to enable support access in the web app