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I’m connected to the internet but I can’t register my Mac-only license

Last updated on 30 Aug 2022
1 min read

Although Sketch doesn’t always require you to connect to the internet, the Mac app sometimes needs to connect to our servers if you have a Mac-only license account. For example, when you register your copy of the Mac app or when it needs to validate your license for an update.

If the Mac app tries to register/validate your Mac-only license and can’t connect to our server, you’ll probably see the following message:

A screenshot of the error message Sketch displays when it cannot reach the Sketch server to validate a Mac-only license.

To register, the Mac app needs to be able to connect to the following address and port:

License Type Host Port
License key (starting with “SK3”) 443 (https)

If you have a firewall implemented, you will need to change your settings to allow traffic to this host. If you’re using a proxy server, you will need to add our domain to your allowlist, as we don’t allow re-signing of certificates.

Note: These issues are typically caused by local network issues. If you have an IT team/department, ask them to review the information in Can my VPN connection affect Sketch? and ensure the network is configured correctly.

If the above-mentioned solutions do not help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In your email, please include a screenshot of the error message, the email address used to purchase Sketch, and Sketch logs. To learn how to collect these logs, please follow the instructions on this page: How do I collect the data requested by the Support Team?