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New in Sketch: Introducing Foresight, improving Prototyping and better document management

Version 81 of the Mac app is out now! With this update, we’ve introduced Foresight, to help you preview the outcome of alignment and resizing actions on the Canvas. Now, you’ll see an outline on the Canvas showing your shapes’ future position and dimensions. So you can quickly understand how your designs will look before you make a decision.

Elsewhere, we’ve made improvements to Prototyping — including better management of start points in your documents. We’ve also made it easier to share a prototype from local documents. Now, when you share your prototype, you’ll be prompted to save it to your Workspace so you can easily share it with everyone you need to via a link.

Also, you can now upload a local Sketch document to your Workspace from the Recent Documents tab in the Workspace window by dragging it into a Project.

Finally, we have also removed the checkbox about sharing usage analytics in Sketch because we stopped collecting this information altogether.