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SSO setup and shortnames

Last updated on 26 Jan 2024
1 min read
  1. Head to the Workspace’s Single Sign-On (SSO) settings by clicking on Settings > General in the sidebar, then click on the Single Sign-On tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Sign in to your Workspace as an Admin.
    An image showing the Workspace settings window
  3. Click on the Single Sign-On tab.
  4. Click Choose a short name
    An image showing the button to add a short name
  5. Enter a unique name — it should have less than 16 characters and can only include letters, numbers or hyphens. You can edit this name later on.
    An image showing where to type the team’s name
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click on the first tab Set Up Identity Provider. In this tab, you’ll find the unique Workspace values you’ll need to set up your IdP.
    • EntityID: Your IdP may refer to this value as Audience or SP Entity ID.
    • ACS URL: Your IdP may refer to this value also as SSO URL, Reply URL, or Consumer URL.
    • Other metadata we support: Pay attention to the SAML attributes that we support. You’ll need to map them to those in your IdP.
    An image showing the identity provider tab
  8. Make sure to keep these values at hand! You’ll need them to set up your SAML file in your identity provider. Click Copy next to each value to copy it to your clipboard.
  9. Head to your IdP and configure an application with SAML SSO. Once you are done and have the XML file ready, head to How to finish setting up SAML SSO in your Workspace