Library Styles

As well as Symbols you can also use a Library’s Text and Layer Styles in your documents. Library Styles are used in exactly the same way as a regular (local) style. Select a layer and click on the Layer Style or Text Style dropdown in the Inspector and you’ll be able to choose from any of your Libraries’ predefined Text or Layer Styles. You can also access all of the Text Styles in your Libraries at the bottom of the Insert menu.

Inserting a Library Style

Editing Library Styles

Just like with Symbols, it is not possible to push any changes you make to an imported style back to the original Library document. Any changes you make will be made in your document only.

You can change the style of a Text or Shape Layer in the same way as you would any other layer. If you do edit the appearance of a Library Style you’ll see that Unlink from Library in the menu changes to a new option; Unlink and Update Layer Style.

Clicking on Unlink and Update Layer Style will break the connection to the Library, create a new local style and update all instances of this style in your document to your newly defined version. Doing this means that your layer will no longer receive any changes when the original Library Style is updated.

If you simply want to revert your changes, you can click on Reset Layer Style to remove any edits you’ve made.

Editing a Library Symbol

Opening the style in its original Library will allow you to edit it, as this is where the master version of the style lives. Making changes here will cause all instances of the style, across any documents it’s used in, will update if those changes are accepted.

Unlinking Styles from Libraries

If you want to edit a Text or Layer Style from a Library without that change being applied to other documents or without updating all instances in your current document, you can unlink that style. This converts the Text or Layer Style into a local one, so it can be edited in the current document.

Note: If you unlink a style from a Library, the layer it’s applied to will not update when you make any changes to the style in the original Library document. Other documents using the imported Library Style will continue to receive updates so long as the style is not unlinked in those files too.

If you want to unlink a style from a Library, without creating a new local style you can also choose to detach it instead of unlinking.

Library Presets

In addition to Text and Layer Styles, any solid, gradient, or image fills you add to your Document Presets will appear as part of a Library. If you have a color palette specific to your Library, make sure to add each color as a preset to the Document Colors in the Fill Popover.

To access these from the document you’re working in, open the Fill Popover, and click the title below the Color Picker/Images section. The name of your installed Libraries with presets available will appear below the Global and Document collections.

Inserting a Library Style
Last modified on Feb 04, 2019

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