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Library Styles

Last updated on 30 Oct 2023
2 min read

As with Symbols, you can share and sync Text and Layer Styles using Libraries.

Inserting Library Styles

You’ll find Text and Layer Styles in the Insert window under Components, under Appearance in the Inspector, as well as via the Insert menu.

When viewed in the Inspector or the toolbar, Library Styles will have a link icon Library next to their group name to indicate they’re part of a Library.

To insert a Library style from the Insert window, open it by pressing C or choosing Window > Insert from the Menu Bar, then selecting either the Text Styles or Layer Styles tab. You can insert Color Variables from here too.

You’ll find all of your enabled Libraries and styles in the left sidebar. Click on a specific Library to filter results, or search for the Text Style, Layer Style, and Color Variable you want to insert, then drag it onto the Canvas.

Working with Library Styles

You’ll have a few options to choose from if you want to edit Layer or Text Styles:

  • Before you make any edits, you can choose to Create a new local Style from the currently selected style, after which you can change the styling properties and save your changes by pressing Update. This will unlink the style from the Library and create a new local Style in your document.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to Detach the Style from its Source to unlink it from the Library but not create a new local Style.
  • If you make styling properties edits to a layer with an applied Library Style, you can choose More > Create New Style and Replace to unlink it from the Library, create a new local Style and apply those changes to all layers in your document with that Style applied. Alternatively, you can choose Reset Style to revert your changes.
  • As long as the Style is not part of a third-party Library, you can also choose More > Edit Style in Library to open the Library document that this style belongs to.

Editing a Style in the original Library document will update the Style for anyone using that Library.

Creating Library Presets

As well as Symbols, Text Styles, and Layer Styles, you can use Libraries to sync and share gradient or image fill presets. To create a Library Preset for a gradient or image fill, for example, select a gradient in the fill popover of your Library document and add it as a preset under Document Colors.

You can also create, share and sync solid colors in your Libraries using Color Variables.

How to add, rename and delete color presets in the Mac app

When you’re working in a document that uses that Library, click on the title above the presets in the fill popover and select the Library’s name to view all available Library Presets.

How to use Library Presets in the Mac app