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Shared with Me

Last updated on 07 May 2024
1 min read

Shared with Me is where you’ll find any document that’s been shared with you via email or mention — whether you’re a Member of the Workspace or a Guest. Shared with Me gathers all the documents you’ve been invited to, making it easy to quickly find any document you’re involved in.

If you share a document from your private My Drafts with someone else, it will also appear in their Shared with Me. You need to be a Member of a Workspace or have a valid Mac-only license and Sketch Account to open and edit documents in the Mac app.

You’ll find the Shared with Me tab near the top of the sidebar in the Workspace window. For documents where you have only View permissions, you’ll still see thumbnails in the Workspace window but you won’t be able to open them in the Mac app. Instead, you can open these documents in the web app — or ask the person that invited you to change your sharing permissions to Edit.

A screenshot of the Shared with Me tab in the Mac app

The Shared with Me tab in the Mac app

You’ll find Shared with Me near the top of the sidebar under All Documents, in any Workspace you’re part of.

The Shared with Me tab in the web app