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Starred updates

Stars are a great way to indicate key updates in a document’s update history. Starring documents will help Workspace members, both Editors and Viewers, identify the most relevant updates.

If you’ve shared the document with someone outside of your Workspace with a link — such as Guests that have inspecting and viewing permissions — they will only see starred updates. If there are no starred updates, we’ll show the latest update available. When you star a Library update, anyone working with that Library will receive every change associated to the starred update. After that, any unstarred updates won’t immediately send changes to Library users.

An image showing an overview of starred updates

Stars in a documents timeline help indicate when particular updates are notable or important. They give you more control over what members outside your Workspace see and allow you to make edits to Libraries without sending updates instantly to people who use them.

When to use stars

  • Star an update to help Editors and members of your Workspace identify important updates.
  • Star updates to select which document updates you want Guests to see.
  • Star an update to have control over which Library updates are sent to everyone who uses the Library.

How to star an update

In order to star updates in your document, you’ll first need to save your document to a Workspace.

From the Mac app Choose File > Save and Star… (or press S) and then choose Save and Star in the confirmation window that appears. Every time you save a starred update, you’ll see a badge in the right corner of the Canvas with a little green circle next to the words Starred Update Created. Click on the badge to see that update in your Workspace.

From the web app In the Workspace window, click on the document’s thumbnail to open it. Every time you save your changes, it will automatically appear as a new update in the timeline that you can find in the sidebar. To star an update, go to the timeline, hover over the dot next to the name of the person that saved that update and click on it. We’ll ask you to confirm the action as it affects what external users see.

You can also hover over the update in the timeline, click Dots Cloud and select Star Update….

Starring Library updates

Before we introduced starred updates, any changes you saved to a Library document would be sent as an update to everyone that uses it. Now, with starred updates you get full control over which saves appear as a Library update. So you can work directly on your Library document and explore new ideas and changes, without worrying about pinging everyone with a Library update every time you hit Save.

When you star an update, anyone that has that Library synced will see a Library Update Available notification in the notifications icon of the Mac app’s window. Clicking on it will take them to the Preferences window so they can download the new changes.

Starring multiple updates

Star and unstar as many updates as you need. You’ll see an orange star next to the latest starred update and a grey one for older starred updates.

How to unstar an update

Click on any star in the timeline to unstar an update. Alternatively, you can hover over the update, click Dots Cloud and select Unstar Update…. If you unstar your most recent starred update, Viewers will see the next most recently starred update.

Who can star an update

Only Editors in the Workspace or Guests with editing permissions can star or unstar updates.

Default document views for Workspace members and guests

Workspace members and Guests with editing permissions will see the full document timeline in the web app. If you’re a guest with viewing or inspecting permissions you’ll just see starred updates. When there are no starred updates, we’ll show the latest available update.

An image showing the Workspace member view of Cloud documents

Workspace members and Guests with editing permissions will see both starred and unstarred updates.

An image showing the guest view of Workspace documents

Guests with inspecting and viewing permissions and people with a link will only see starred updates.

Last updated on 10 Jan 2022

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