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Why is there no free plan?

Last updated on 22 Aug 2023
1 min read

With our Standard and Business plans, you can invite unlimited Viewers to your Workspace for free. Viewers can browse and comment on designs in their web browser, and even inspect files and download assets for developer handoff.

Beyond free Viewers, and besides our Education offer, we have no plans to offer an entirely free tier.

We want to operate in a way that’s sustainable. Our business model is simple — we sell our product at a fair price — and we’ve been profitable since day one. We believe this commitment to long-term sustainability is a responsibility to our customers, who can trust that we’ll continue to be here and support their work, as we have for more than 10 years.

Offering a free tier inevitably leads to unpaid costs (free tiers still require storage, bandwidth, support and more). As a result, most products with a free tier will gradually remove features or apply limitations in an effort to force customers to move to a paid tier. That doesn’t feel right to us.

Our focus is on adding value to our product with consistent improvements and new features, not finding ways to remove it for customers who we’ve enticed with a free tier.

We’re committed to helping students, teachers, and academic institutions with our Education offer – students and teachers are entitled to a Workspace with 1 Editor seat, and institutions are entitled to a Workspace with multiple seats – depending on requirements.

You can find out more and request your own on our Sketch for Education page.

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