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What are the benefits of switching to a subscription?

Last updated on 28 Aug 2023
1 min read

A subscription offers the complete Sketch experience — including access to the Mac app, the web app, and a Workspace. Workspaces help you keep your work in sync and available anywhere so you can collaborate in real-time, receive feedback, share prototypes, send your designs for handoff, and much more.

Take a look at the table below to see how a subscription compares to a Mac-only license. See this help article on how to switch to a subscription-based account.

Compare plans Standard subscription $10 Monthly / per Editor, billed yearly Start free 30-day trial Mac-only license $120 Per Seat Buy now

Compare plans

Compare plans
Standard Mac-only


Native macOS app
Work privately offline
Smart Layout in Groups
Color Variables
Symbols and overrides
Plugins and extensions
Scalable design systems
Export to multiple formats
Create component Libraries
Command bar New
Minimap New


Collaborate in real-time
Shared online Workspace
Comment on designs online
Flexible document sharing and permissions
View designs online anywhere
Free guest Editors


Create prototypes
Link from any page in a document
Add overlays
Create interactions and Hotspots New
Easy page transitions
Add multiple Start Points
Build scrollable prototypes New
Share prototypes with a link
Leave comments on prototypes New
Share protoypes in a client-friendly view New


Inspect designs on the Canvas
Measure between layers
Copy attributes
Export Design Tokens
Download production-ready assets


View documents on iOS devices
Play prototypes on your iPhone and iPad
Mirror designs from your Mac


Unlimited free Viewers
Create private projects
View older document versions
Create document collections
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
App updates 1 Year
Automatic renewal
Pin important documents New
Archive projects New (Business plan only)
Create permissions groups New (Business plan only)