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How can I move my Mac-only license to another device?

Last updated on 28 Aug 2023

Please use the following steps to move your license to another device:

  1. Unregister your license on your old device: Launch the Mac app, head to Sketch > Preferences from the menu bar, navigate to the Account tab, and select Unlink Device.

Alternatively, using your Admin email address, you can unregister your device remotely using the Unlink option in the License Admin portal.

  1. Go to our release page and download your preferred version onto your new device.

Note: Depending on when you last renewed your license, your license key may not be valid for the latest version. Make sure you download a version that your license is valid for.

  1. Install the software by dragging the Sketch icon to your Applications folder.

  2. Register Sketch on the new device (see Register Device).