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What Roles and Access can I have?

Last updated on 20 Feb 2024
1 min read

When creating a Workspace, each user will be assigned a Role and Access.

You can have one of the following Roles:

  • Admin: has access to managing billing information and users (invite/remove/update) and full access to Workspace documents.
  • Member: cannot manage anything within the account.
  • Finance: can manage billing information and add/delete seats, but cannot manage (invite/remove/update) Workspace members or have access to documents.

You can have either Editor or Viewer Access:

  • Editor: can use the Mac App to create, edit and upload documents to a Workspace.
  • Viewer: does not have access to the Mac app but can view, inspect and comment on designs in the web app.

You can invite your clients or freelancers as Guests to specific documents in your Workspace, free of charge.

Any Workspace member can invite Guests to a document via Document Settings > Sharing in the web app, and can give each Guest permissions to either view, inspect, or edit that document.

Guests are free. Admins can view and remove Guests through Workspace Settings at any time.

Please note: Giving a Guest edit permissions doesn’t make them an Editor — they must be an Editor in another Workspace or have a valid license to use the Mac app to edit documents.