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How does adding or removing Editors affect my bill?

Last updated on 26 Dec 2023
1 min read

When you make changes to Workspace members and roles, we’ll always tell you if and how it affects your bill, and ask for your confirmation. If you’re on a yearly plan, we’ll email you before your subscription renews, so you can make changes or cancel altogether.

Here’s how we calculate your bill:

  • The cost of your subscription is based on the number of Editor Seats in your Workspace.
  • Each Editor in your Workspace needs a seat, but you can also have unused seats.
  • When you remove or downgrade an Editor, this frees up a seat.
  • When you make someone an Editor, they take up a free seat.
  • If there are no free seats available, we’ll change you pro rata for a new seat.
  • You can remove empty seats, or purchase more, at any time.
  • Viewers in your workspace don’t count towards the cost of your subscription.

Editor Seats give you more control and predictability with your billing, even if the number of Editors in your Workspace changes. If you have freelancers joining and leaving your team regularly, for example, keeping a number of empty seats in your Workspace for them means your bill won’t fluctuate. It’s very useful if you have a set annual budget.

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