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How to fix common issues in the iPhone app

Last updated on 04 Oct 2022
2 min read

To use the iPhone app, you need a Sketch account and to be a Member of a Workspace or a Guest on a document. If these things are in place and you’re still running into trouble, take a look at our documentation pages and read the list below; it contains the common answers to questions sent by our user community.

Why can’t I mirror local files?

The iPhone app is all about mobility: being able to see and share your designs anywhere and on the go, and Workspaces make this possible. To mirror a file, you must first save it to your Workspace.

Once the file has been saved on your Workspace, leave it open in the Mac app, launch the iPhone app and open the same file. You’ll see the mirror icon Mirror (iPhone) appear in the top right corner of the iPhone screen. Tap it to start mirroring. Any updates you make in the Mac app will now be reflected on your iPhone.

Why can’t I see the Prototype section of my document?

The iPhone app needs at least one Artboard of the prototype to be set as a starting point. If you can’t see the prototype section of a document, open the file in the Mac app and add a starting point to one of the artboards. Go back to the iPhone app, and you should now see the prototype section of your document.

Why do I see “No Workspace” when I log in to the app?

The iPhone app lets you browse through the files you have permission to within any Workspaces you can access. The app has no files to display if you are not part of a Workspace.

Check with your Workspace Admin to ensure you have the proper permissions within the Workspace, and if you’re still experiencing difficulties, contact us.

I can’t sign in with SSO, what can I do?

If you are a member of an active SSO account, you can sign in to the iPhone app in the same way you would sign in to the Mac app.

If you’re running into trouble while signing in, ensure you have entered your credentials correctly: your SSO shortname and the account you use to sign into Sketch.

Check with your Workspace Admin that you have been added to the Workspace with the proper permissions. Contact us if you still have trouble signing in with SSO to the iPhone app.