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Why can’t I import EPS files to Sketch?

Last updated on 12 Mar 2024

Apple dropped built-in support for PostScript files in macOS Sonoma, which includes EPS documents. Sketch relied on macOS to import and view EPS files, but here’s a workaround if you need to import EPS files.

How to import EPS files into Sketch

If you’re running macOS Sonoma or newer (version 14.x), you’ll need to use a third-party app to convert the EPS file to a supported format. You can use a vector editing app of your choice or an online converter. If you’re using a macOS version earlier than Sonoma, you’ll be able to import EPS files directly into Sketch.

Since EPS is a vector format, we recommend converting to PDF or SVG and importing that file into Sketch.

Which format yields better results will depend on the contents of your EPS file. Both SVG and PDF will retain the editing capabilities when you import them into Sketch.