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How to fix common prototype issues

Last updated on 25 Aug 2022
2 min read

This article deal with common issues that users have experienced with shared with prototypes.

If you cannot find your answer or the problem persists, contact us with as much detail as possible about the issue.

Why is my prototype not showing in the Web app?

If you have saved a document in a Workspace, but the prototype is not showing, check the Mac app and set one of your artboards as a starting point. You need to select the artboard and then select Prototype > Use Artboard as a Start Point from the menubar. Save the changes and check again in the browser. The prototype should now display at the top of the page.

What can I do to solve the black screen connection error?

The best option to avoid this error screen is updating to version 88.1 or later, where an improved prototype player was released.

If updating is not possible for some reason, try the following:

  • Quit and relaunch Sketch
  • Set at least one artboard as a start point
  • Restart your Mac

Please note that the error may come back and the best option is to update to version 88.1 or later.

Why is my prototype not displayed in full screen?

When previewing or playing prototypes you may see black bars on either side of the prototype. This is normal behavior when previewing or playing prototypes in fullscreen and your artboard’s size doesn’t match the size of the screen where it’s displayed.

To remove the black bars you’ll need to match the artboard size with your device screen resolution. For example, when testing a design for a website on a 1920x1080 monitor, your artboards need to match that size.

Can I disable hotspot highlighting when presenting prototypes?

Yes, you can disable hotspot highlighting for presentation purposes. Open the document in the Web app, click on the three dots icon on the prototype thumbnail preview and then select the option Copy link to prototype with hotspots disabled. This will open a version where interactive areas are not highlighted when clicking anywhere on the artboard.

You can share a prototype with link highlight disabled on the prototype three dots icon

Strictly speaking, it’s currently not possible; the current options are:

  • Show all , which shows all links all the time, or
  • Show with selection , which only shows the links of the artboard currently selected.

If you have no artboards selected, you won’t see any prototype links, making it easy to see your designs link-free and bring them back to view quickly by selecting an artboard.