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  1. Auto-download Libraries

    In the latest version of Sketch, we’ve introduced the option to automatically download and update Libraries as soon as they become available. You’ll still be able to review and update Components manually, but we’re saving you a step so you can stay on top of changes to your design systems.

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  2. Artboard Templates

    It’s time to meet a brand new building block for your designs — Artboard Templates. With them, you can turn any Artboard — and its content — into a template and reuse it across your documents.

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  3. Color Tokens

    With Color Tokens you can export, integrate and sync Color Variables from your designs to your development projects. If you’ve got a document or Library with Color Variables, you can now use the web app to download Color Tokens in CSS or JSON formats, or generate a URL that stays up to date with any changes you make.

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  4. Restrict access to projects

    We’re giving you even more control over when and where you share your work. Now you can choose whether a project is visible to your whole Workspace, or just the members you invite to it. It’s ideal when you’re working under NDAs, or just want to keep noise around new ideas to a minimum.

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  5. Improved Corner controls

    You now have full control of the size and style of corners in your rectangles. It’s faster than ever to adjust multiple corners at once — or focus on just a single corner — using on-Canvas and Inspector controls in our updated Sketch Mac app. Plus, we’ve added a bunch of new Corner Styles that will take your illustrations to the next level. It even works with triangles, stars, polygons and closed paths directly from the Corners panel in the Inspector!

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  6. Components web view

    We’ve added a powerful new way to view all your Symbols, Color Variables, Layer Styles and Text Styles in the updated Sketch web app — and it’s called Components web view. You can now easily jump between different Component types, then use the menu on the left-hand side to select different groups.

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  7. Foresight

    Foresight helps you preview the outcome of alignment and resizing actions on the Canvas in the latest Sketch update. Now, you’ll see an outline on the Canvas showing your shapes’ future position and dimensions. So you can quickly understand how your designs will look before you make a decision.

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  8. Canvas view

    Canvas view in the web app allows you to preview your entire Canvas exactly as you see it on the Mac app. Instead of previewing individual Artboards, you can now pan and zoom to your heart’s content and interact with the entire flow — including elements outside of Artboards, such as notes.

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  9. Developer handoff improvements

    We’ve given the Inspector in the Sketch web app an upgrade. You’ll now see a highlight around Symbols on the Canvas and in the Inspector, plus there’s support for Shared Styles and Color Variables. We’ve also given it a speed boost, and made a whole host of smaller improvements, too.

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